Innovative Dynamic Monitoring

In the Valorisation Programme Delta Technology & Water TU Delft and regional development company InnovationQuarter work in partnership with various members of the delta cluster, and offer support and network opportunites for our startup

Ecoton work on participatory and integrated water management and eco-restoration in the Brantas basin, in Indonesia. Pupils, students, villagers and businesses along the river are involved in monitoring the water quality, cleaning the river and ensuring that the local government takes its responsibility to keep the river clean. 

Henk Hartman 

Henk Hartman, MSc Energy and Environmental Management, is a research technician that’s interested in innovative techniques that can help to improve monitoring environmental quality. Besides that, he wants to work in the development of aquatic drones, by working on technical upgrades that will allow to expand their application.

Akvo is a not-for-profit foundation that creates open source, internet and mobile software and sensors. We work with people improving infrastructure and services, for disadvantaged populations. Around the world, Akvo helps our partners act to improve the management of water, sanitation, agriculture, health, energy, education and the environment. 

Se@Drone develops a modular aquatic drone for the professional as well as for the amateur. With Se@Drone the underwater world can be observed and investigated. Se@Drone makes it possible to take pictures and videos and to take different items from the bottom. The variety of applications is wide: leisure, police, shipbuilding, marine and offshore industry, etc. Se@Drone has a compact size, comes with an affordable price and has a user-friendly customizable control via Wifi.

Since May 2016, Indymo is a member of Water Alliance, and has a new office at the Water Campus, in Leeuwarden. WaterCampus encourages cooperation between (inter)national businesses, educational institutes and governments within the water technology sector, in order to create synergy for world class innovation, education and entrepreneurship. 

Delft University of Technology  is also known as TU Delft, and is the largest and oldest Dutch public/technological university, also located in Delft, Netherlands. It is one of the best universities for engineering and technology worldwide, It is repeatedly considered the best university of technology in the Netherlands.

VHL aims at linking education, applied research and the professional field. Applied research as conducted by professors, researchers, lecturers and students of Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, is always aimed at improving professional practice. The results of research should be applicable for companies and professionals in the public sector. 

Previous employees

- Knowledge from Monitoring -

Vladislav Sazonov

​Vlad is a Water management student and he is currently working part-time for INDYMO. He gained experience in water quality monitoring and in working with underwater drones last year during his internship at Deltasync. His expertise and interest is also on combining water management projects with his video editing skills.

Hanze University of Applied Sciences is the largest "university of applied sciences" in the northern Netherlands, and is located in Groningen. Hanze UAS offers various Bachelor and Master programmes in Dutch, English, and German, and works closely with international partner institutes. The school counts approximately 25,000 students and 2,700 employees.

INDYMO is a start-up that works in the field of the management of water resources and water quality. Our focus is on innovative ways of monitoring water quality and ecology using underwater drones (dynamic). Until now we have been working with an underwater drone equipped with water quality sensors and a video camera. A new drone is currently in the development stage, and our goal is to make it an efficient and powerful tool, suitable for various uses and applications in the field of water. 


Watersystems are critical to human and ecological survival. With climate change and urban development, these systems are changing faster than ever. Therefore, there is an urgency of better and dynamic monitoring methods and technologies.


Discovering new insights in your water system.

RDM Campus and Hogeschool Rotterdam provide a cutting-edge environment which allows students and businesses to find each other in working towards sustainable technical innovations, in the field maritime, process technology, energy, logistics, mobility and construction engineering. The RDM Campus is a collaboration between the Albeda College, Hogeschool Rotterdam and the Port of Rotterdam.

Tauw is an independent European consulting and engineering company specialised in the design, improvement and management of the natural environment, built-up environment and infrastructure.

DeltaSync and Blue21 is a leading specialist in the field of floating urbanization. The clients include municipalities, water boards, individuals, commercial enterprises and nonprofit organizations. Besides design and consultancy work, DeltaSync also invests in research and development.




Rui Lima 

Rui Lima, MSc in Civil Engineering (water resources specialization), is a researcher with interest in water management and innovative techniques.  Before INDYMO, he was a researcher at Deltasync and in a Portuguese water board.

Floris Boogaard

Floris is an enthusiastic water management professional. He recently completed his PhD at TU Delft, while working as a project manager in TAUW and also as a lecturer in the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Floris was nominated for the NL Engineer of the year 2011

Rutger de Graaf 

Rutger de Graaf holds a PhD (cum laude) in the topic: innovations in urban water management to reduce the vulnerability of cities. He is one of the directors  of Deltasync and is a lecturer at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. He is nominated for the NL Engineer of the year 2016!