24 March 2015

Monitoring of Urban Green's prototype

This year's edition of RDM's Aquabots was launched today at the Kenniscentrum Mainport Innovation. 40-50 students will be working in the development of aquatic drones for the next 5-6 months. The students were divided in several teams, and assigned to the challenging task of development surface water drones (autonomous small sized ships) and submersible water drones. The teams are multidisciplinary (electrotechnical, information technology and mechanical engineering students) and will work towards the goal of designing and building smart aquatic drones. 

INDYMO will play an active role in this process, by providing weekly feedback to the "submersible team", taking advantage of our experience with this kind of underwater drones. The goal is that the students work closely with the end-user (INDYMO), in order to ensure that the drone successfully serves the purpose for which is being designed (dynamic monitoring).  

In the afternoon, a demonstration of the current underwater drone was performed in the water basin of the Water Lab (RDM''s Innovation Dock). 

10 February 2015


INDYMO at Vissennetwerk event (Sportvisserij NL, Movares) 

Measurements House boats (Groningen)

INDYMO at Aqua Dock Event 2015!

Together with Tieme Haddeman, INDYMO team used the underwater drone to get insight into what is happening under the recently launched Floating Green prototype, from Urban Green. There are plans to continue colecting measurements and underwater images to monitor how the floating structure interacts with the aquatic environment. The structure is located at the Aquadock, at the RDM Campus (Rotterdam). 

Water quality drone measurements at Engelgaarde, with divers! 

Open dag Hanze University (Groningen)


On the 26th of January, a new company emerged in the world!  All the last details were discussed, and everything is set for the first official day of work of INDYMO, today! 

Underwater drone demo and stand at NL Innoveert 

13 March 2015

7 March 2015

INDYMO exhibited the drone during the Symposium of E-Forum (Entrepreneurship Forum). The event was organized by Yes!Delft Students, and was held at the auditorium of TU Delft (AULA). The underwater drone was one of the highlights of the stand, which was also promoting Deltasync and  The Blue Revolution.

24 February 2015

19 February 2015

This Saturday, the underwater drone was demonstrated at Hanze University of Applied Sciences. The research on the ”impacts of floating urban developments on water quality and ecology” was presented in the Water Lab (part of the Built-Environment), alongside an hydraulic flume and a groundwater model. Several potential future students of Hanze Hogeschool, visited the laboratory and were interested in experimenting and learning more about the underwater drone and the other equipment in the lab (hydraulic flume and ground water model).

14 March 2015

3 March 2015

Aquabot Programme Kickoff (RDM Campus)

This Saturday, INDYMO was present at Engelgaarde Lake (Meppel, Drenthe) with two underwater drones. Divers from Archimedes accompanied the drones in their data collection around the lake. Several people were present because it was an initiative from Water Natuurlijk and Hogechool VHL.

02 February 2015

Floris Boogaard presented the use of underwater drones for ecology scans and monitoring during the event Vissennetwerk. The topic of the meeting was Innovative Fish Monitoring and was held in Utrecht, at Movares headquarters. The participation in this event followed the publication of an article in the Visionair journal, from the Sportvisserij Nederland. The article is available here

09 April 2015

Together with Paul van Eijk (Zeeland University College VHL, Dutch Delta Academy - DDA), INDYMO performed measurements in Drenthe. The underwater drone collected water quality data in the basin of the Wold AA, Dwingelderveld (National park) and lake Engelgaarde. These water bodies are from the responsibility of the Reest & Wieden water board. 

INDYMO launched!

Innovative Dynamic Monitoring

Entrepreneurship Forum (YES!Delft Students)

INDYMO Calendar

The opening of the "Onderzeebootloods" pavilion (RDM Campus) took place on Thursday, 12th March. The underwater drone appeared in the kick off video of the brand RDM Rotterdam! Below is the English version of the video (Dutch version available here).

12 March 2015

INDYMO went to Groningen to perform water quality measurement in 4 different locations, part of a monitoring assignment from Groningen Municipality. Noorderhaven, Oude Winschoterdiep, Hoendiep and the Flores Vijver were the locations visited. The water quality data and underwater videos are currently being analyzed, and a report with results will be prepared.

INDYMO was present during the NL Innoveert event, held at the RDM Campus on the 13th and 14th of May. During the event, the underwater drone also joined the "Aftica boat" during the Aquabots demonstration at the water basin (Water Lab, Innovation Dock). The Tegenlicht VPRO filming crew attended the show and were very interested in the underwater drone as an example of innovative research for their documentary about the Port of Rotterdam. INDYMO also had a stand (together with CoP Drijvend Bouwen) in the recently inaugurated "Onderzeebootloods" pavilion. 

3 March 2015

RDM Campus Video: Onderzeebootloods opening

Drone Measurements in Drenthe

Strong presence of INDYMO in the Aqua Dock event, at the RDM Campus! 

INDYMO's director, Rutger de Graaf, gave a presentation in the main session, while the underwater drone was exhibited at the "tafels and mini-excursies" session. (tables and mini-excursions).  A demonstration of the drone in the water at the Aquadock is planned. 

INDYMO's partner Deltasync was also represented in this event by Karina Czapiewska, who presented a work about Resilience of urban developments, also at the tables.