Innovative Dynamic Monitoring

Underwater drones are promising tools for several applications in the water sector. In the last year, INDYMO, a recently created startup to explore innovative monitoring solutions, has experimented and tested remote-controlled underwater drone technology (ROV) in several research pilots around the Netherlands.
The concept is to equip the submersible vehicles with high end water quality probes (multi-parameter), high definition video cameras, and lights. The data and footage collected are used to assess water quality and ecology of water systems, or to perform underwater inspections.
However, with the current setup and available equipment, there are still some challenges to overcome, as the optimal specs are not yet available for the intended end-use. In the coming months, INDYMO will work on the development of new solutions to surpass these limitations. The goal is to develop and build a compact and self-navigating underwater drone, able to follow pre-defined routes, and equipped with a wide range of measurement capabilities and functionalities.
To accomplish this, INDYMO is currently seeking interns with interest in the topic and that want to be part of the technical development of aquatic drones, and related sensor and positioning systems. Students from electro-technical or mechanical engineering backgrounds are preferred. The research will
be mainly conducted at RDM Campus (Rotterdam) and at Yes!Delft (Delft).

For more information and to apply please contact
Valid through 2015/2016