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Field monitoring and inspections (various study cases)

Rutger de Graaf (Indymo) and Hermen Klomp (Hunze en Aa's) presented an overview of several case studies of the use of drones for the monitoring of water systems. The presentations were part of the STOWA thematic Technology Approval Group (TAG) session. The event took place on the 5th of April 2016, in Amersfoort and it had as a goal the introduction of innovative technologies to the Dutch Water Authorities.

In October and November 2014, Rutger de Graaf and Floris Boogaard presented their research on the impacts of floating structures on water quality and ecology in two webinars, as part of the SKB - Duurzame Ontwikkeling Ondergrond. The webinars also include a general introduction on floating urbanization, future prospects, and innovative research methods used for the research (e.g. underwater drone). Some results of the study were also presented.

Webinars and Courses (in dutch)

The video on the left is an overview of the various applications of underwater drones that INDYMO tested in the last year, as part of multiple projects and pilots, with the participation of multiple water authorities, municipalities and companies from the Netherlands. It presents some brief images of the locations visited, the sensors used, procedures, and finally some of the best underwater images captured with the underwater drone.

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Impacts of floating structures

Vladislav Sazonov presented the outcomes of his internship in Deltasync, during a Delta Academy on December 2014. He worked on the impacts of floating structures on water quality project, but also on theBlue Revolution.

Floris Boogaard presented a research work about the impacts of floating structures on water quality, during the "Deltas in times of climate change II" conference, in Rotterdam (September 2014). The session was entitled "Creating floating cities: A dream or a new perspective for the future of the planet?" and was chaired by INDYMO and Deltasync director: Rutger de Graaf.

In the most diverse occasions, we have presented our work and our projects. Some of them were recorded and are available in the videos below!

Several locations with floating structures were visited during 2014 to collect water quality data. For each location, we prepared a movie which gives an impression of the location and of the underwater drone we used to go under the structures.

Learn more about this project in the "Projects" section, and see the full video collection at INDYMO Youtube channel. The videos and additional information about the locations are also available in the Climatescan tool (search for the blue dots in the map!).

The underwater drone was present at the Waterbouwdag, held in November 2014 in Rotterdam. The drone was exhibited at the VP Delta stand.