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Innovative Dynamic Monitoring

Indymo uses aquatic drones to collect underwater images, water samples and water quality and ecology data for public and private entities who want to inspect and monitor water systems. The mobility of sensors and cameras provide a unique 3D understanding of water bodies.


Indymo deploys multiple unmanned remote-controlled underwater drones and autonomous surface vehicles in a wide variety of surveys and inspections.


The drones are equipped with different sensors (water quality), cameras, sonar, and other systems to collect readily available in-situ data and samples.


To adjust to our customer needs, we also develop new prototypes and innovations. We work together with different partners in The Netherlands and abroad.

Services and Applications

Underwater drones can provide unique visual insight into the condition of submerged civil construction works such as locks, quay walls or bridge foundations.

By combining aquatic drones (surface/underwater) with state of the art water quality sensors it’s possible to map the characteristics of the water. Water quality can vary significantly in space and also in depth.

Underwater drones (ROV) can dive into underwater environments and collect images of aquatic plants, fish and benthic populations.

At the surface, autonomous drones (ASV) can map the bathymetry of lakes and other water bodies using sonar technology. Underwater, imaging equipment (camera/sonar) on underwater drones can collect valuable information about the characteristics of the bottom.

Underwater drones can collect samples at any desired depth, at any point of water bodies.

Curious about how underwater looks like? Underwater drones can collect high definition images of underwater environments. If you’re diving, we can help document your adventure!

We’re always looking forward to test new applications and face new challenges. Contact us if you want to try something new with us!

The video above is an overview of the various applications of underwater drones that INDYMO tested in recent years, as part of multiple projects and pilots, with the participation of multiple water authorities, municipalities and companies from the Netherlands. It presents some brief images of the locations visited, the sensors used, procedures, and finally some of the best underwater images captured with the underwater drone.

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